Chantal Bernsau

Gargantilla Flechas de Luz


Necklace and choker at the same time made of spheres covered with silk, bottle green in color, with two quartz crystals, wrapped in a network woven on a loom, with copper and bronze threads.

The necklace measures 74 cm in total length and the choker is 44 cm long.

The balls are 1 cm in diameter.

The small crystal is a natural Lodolite quartz in the shape of a drop and measures 4 cm long by 2.5 cm wide. The large quartz is a clear Smoky quartz, for the 1 chakra, to root, be active and enriched and joy of living .This one measures 5cm long by 3.5cm wide.

Los filamentos de cobre usados no cambian de color , pero es importante no mojarlos ni rocearles perfume o crema.

E l cobre y el bronce pueden ser limpiados con jugo de limón o cif crema

Lo mejor es guardar las joyas en cajas de manera horizontal.

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