Chantal Bernsau



Necklace with 2 long rounds, made with balls covered in pink silk with a pendant woven by loom with copper threads, with an Amethyst Quartz egg on the bottom and a rounded Fluorite plate.

Both crystals to open the 6th and 7th chakra, between the eyebrows and the crown.

It opens our intuition and powers such as clairvoyance, transmute our low energies into high vibration, give us peace of mind and connect our guides.

It measures 1.80 mt in total, 2 rounds of 90 cm and 45 cm on each side, by 1 cm wide and the pendant measures 8 cm long by 4 cm wide. (Fluorite 4x 4 cm) (Amethyst 4 x 3 cm)

Los filamentos de cobre usados no cambian de color , pero es importante no mojarlos ni rocearles perfume o crema.

E l cobre y el bronce pueden ser limpiados con jugo de limón o cif crema

Lo mejor es guardar las joyas en cajas de manera horizontal.

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