Chantal Bernsau

Collar -lazo Esfera Violeta


The necklace - a loop woven with copper threads, and a pendant woven on a loom, in the shape of a net, that surrounds an amethyst sphere.

The bow is embroidered, at its ends, with phaseted natural amethysts,

the loop is closed with a knot, which you can lengthen or shorten.

It measures 1.10 mt by 1.5 cm wide.

Amethyst is a crystal that balances and activates the 6th chakra, which transmutes with its violet flame, activates the third eye, serene and gives peace. It helps us meditate.

Los filamentos de cobre usados no cambian de color , pero es importante no mojarlos ni rocearles perfume o crema.

E l cobre y el bronce pueden ser limpiados con jugo de limón o cif crema

Lo mejor es guardar las joyas en cajas de manera horizontal.

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